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Pennsylvania Magazine

Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: January 10, 2014

Pennsylvania Watchmaking: A Time-Honored Tradition Lancaster County, once known as the cradle of the American watchmaking industry, has a rich history in timekeeping. The Hamilton Watch Company in Lancaster produced its first watch here in 1893 and over the next century would make some of the finest timepieces in the world. With such a rich […]

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RGM & The NFL Champions

Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: January 3, 2014

Roland Murphy delivers custom RGM to Coach Harbaugh of 2012/13 NFL Champions Although RGM Watch Company is proud to carry the banner of American Watchmaking and to continue the heritage of horological accomplishment in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, our founder, Roland Murphy, was actually born just down Rte. 83 in Baltimore, Maryland. As a native of […]

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Custom Tourbillon Pendant

Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: November 1, 2013

When considering your options for a custom timepiece from RGM Watch Company, what possibilities come to mind? Perhaps you favor unconventional guilloché patterns or custom skeletonization for the movement, personalized printing or engraving on the dial, or specially colored straps made from exotic skins? The client who ordered a recent creation to be produced in […]

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Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: June 26, 2013

RGM’S CALIBER 20: The response to RGM’s announcement of our third in-house movement, Caliber 20, has been strong and positive. We’re glad to say that the first completed watches are already coming out of Mount Joy. The first example to be shipped from RGM’s workshop (pictured) was a custom order, and features some very special […]

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RGM’s toughest watch just got tougher…!

Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: May 9, 2013

RGM Model 300 Ceramic Bezel  Insert RGM’s toughest watch just got  tougher… ! The RGM Model 300 Diver, favored  alike by hobbyist outdoorsmen and professional divers has recently received an  upgrade to the graduated bezel insert.  Experienced divers know that the rotating bezel of their timepiece is  often subjected to shock or contact with undersea […]

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20th Anniversary “Caliber 20″

Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: January 21, 2013

Our Third in-house movement “Caliber 20″ is our first with a Motor Barrel.  Top grade American railroad watches from the past had a “Motor Barrel” , models like the Illinois Bunn Special , Hamilton 950 , and others from great American Watch Brands. The “Motor Barrel” is an American invention and was used only on […]

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You’re Invited: Tour of the RGM Watch Co.

Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: July 24, 2012

You are cordially invited…Tour of the RGM Watch CO & the NAWCC Museum. Since it’s founding in 1992, RGM has become a well-known brand among watch aficionados and collectors. As we are a small company who’s focus is on creating a limited number of bespoke, unique timepieces each year, RGM is not often able to […]

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NEW MODEL: Series 2 “Blue Diver”.

Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: June 19, 2012

Series – 2 Professional Limited Edition Diver. Following on the heels of the successful release of our initial dive watch (RGM Model 300 ) the RGM Watch Company announces immediate availability of Series 2 in a limited release. This second series, known as 300-2, comprises 100 examples with a very special set of blue color […]

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Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: May 21, 2012

RGM 801 Aircraft Massive radial engines sputtering and smoking, squadrons flying in formation—there are however many visual details that conjure up recollections of these vintage Aircraft. For the watch aficionado, few are as compelling as the timepieces made by great American watchmaking companies of that era. RGM Watch Company has drawn upon such historical influences […]

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RGM Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: January 16, 2012

RGM Celebrates its 20th Anniversary, 1992-2012 To commemorate our 20th anniversary, we are excited to announce Caliber “20”, our third in-house American-made movement at the GTE in Geneva Switzerland. “Caliber 20″ is our first with a Motor Barrel. Top grade American railroad watches from the past had a “Motor Barrel”, models like the Illinois Bunn […]

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