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Elements of RGM’s Caliber 801.

Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: November 7, 2011

Visitors to the RGM web site frequently take note of the variety of models we offer within a single product line. Some of our watches—for example, referencing “P” ( 151P ) —are available as ‘professional’ models with pilot-style black dial. Or with a more elegant silver dial, with decorative engraving “E” ( 250E ). This method of designating the variants within a product group has been carried over into RGM’s newest watches, including the Pennsylvania Series of American-made watches powered by our own Caliber 801.

The Pennsylvania Series watches, designated by the prefix PS, are not only made in America, but feature cases and movements made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania—a traditional watchmaking region that is also RGM’s home. Adorned with a keystone on the winding crown—symbolic of the Keystone State—the PS watches are powered exclusively by the in-house designed and built Caliber 801.

RGM offers many options to the buyer of a Pennsylvania Series watch. The movement itself is available with a finish of yellow gold or rhodium plating. Mechanical options such as an elegant 7-tooth click or wolf’s-tooth winding wheels are available.

The face of an RGM PS 801 is clearly as important to the personality of the watch as its noteworthy motor. Thus, the Pennsylvania Series watches are made with the utmost attention to design details. We judiciously employ stylistic elements that set the 801 apart from other watches, while also identifying them as part of the RGM family. The following models from the PS 801 series each embrace the RGM style, but each is individualistic and appeals to different customers for different reasons.

PS 801 E is the reference number assigned to the Pennsylvania Series 801s that feature engine-turned decorations—applied in RGM’s own workshops with antique rose engines. Known as guilloché, this decorative style of engraving has long been used for the decoration of jewelry and watches. For several years, RGM has been among the few watchmaking firms cutting our own guilloché. For the PS 801 E, hand-cut guilloché (never machine-stamped) is applied to the silver dial. Many options are available for customization according to the customer’s wishes, including a wide array of guilloché patterns, dial and printing colors, and hand engraving—applied to the dial or to the movement itself. The typical PS 801 E features an elegant silver dial with engraved chapter rings and complementary engraved patterns within the hours/minutes chapter and that of the small seconds.

PS 801 S features a dial that is skeletonized, or cut-away to reveal elements of the movement beneath. The center of the dial is artfully removed, leaving the seconds chapter intact, to expose jewels, blued screws and some polished components of the setting and winding system of Caliber 801. The dial is available with Roman or Arabic numerals—customizable, as always, in silver or deep black with luminous elements beside the hour markers.

PS 801 ES, as you may expect, is a combination of both the skeletonized dial and hand-cut guilloché. For this version, the engraving is applied directly to the movement plate, and is visible through the removed portions of the dial, combining two dramatic visual features into one breath-taking package.

Other series of RGM watches use these abbreviations, and others, to identify special features. While perusing our web site you may notice such designations as BD (big date), O (orange dial), or MOP (dial made of mother-of-pearl), or even combinations of these. We hope this short description assists you in deciphering our simple code. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about ordering or customizing an RGM watch.

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