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PART 11: Home Sweet Home.

Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: September 9, 2011

Having departed in August 2010 from his native France, on an odyssey to circle the globe, Romain returned home recently. He provided us with his thoughts on completing his ambitious five-continent trek, the lessons he has learned, and on the performance of his traveling companion: the RGM North Pointer GMT.

“I very much enjoyed discovering new places and meeting new people. Of course it’s always helpful meeting people because they help one understand the places where they live. Sometimes our schedule forced us to move on unwillingly…a heavy sigh at the time of leaving but with mild regret as there was always the rest of the trip to look forward to.

“The more the journey advanced, the more I was at ease with people and could chat easily with them on many topics. And now that I am back home, I find I can be more outgoing with foreign travelers…and they are surprised and pleased to meet someone who is friendly and eager to help. I can’t help thinking how different I was ten months ago.

Of the people Romain met en route: “One sees a huge difference in personalities…but all those we met had the same enthusiasm to learn more about people and what they can teach you…it’s hard to explain because the feeling is so strong. Of course, during the trip, bad and good things happened. We moped after a robbery or a sickness but now we can laugh when we talk about it. And the best part is that girls love hearing about my adventures!

“Now that I am back at work, never a day goes by without me telling an anecdote. I have just begun an association with former fellow students which helps me to develop as a designer as well as an innovator in furniture design. I have already shown my work at a successful exhibition at Arc-et-Senans and there will be two more in the future.”
Regarding the RGM North Pointer GMT, “it survived everything it was subjected to including rafting, climbing and diving. It feels comfortable on my wrist… The big test for the watch was when I was hired in May by a demolition company. After all the severe treatment it endured, it still keeps perfect time.

”I wear it all the time wherever I am and whatever I am doing and if I return to the United States that will mean the watch really does go around the world. It went with me through the northern and southeastern parts of the USA, Canada, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Dubai & back home to France.”

RGM is proud of our association with Romain’s adventure and glad that he has returned safely home. Having enjoyed his communications with us—watching him learn and share lessons from his experiences—we are certain that his ability to appreciate new situations will be of great value to him. We wish him success in his endeavors and hope he find an opportunity to visit us again in Pennsylvania, surely with additional tales to relate of interesting experiences shared with his RGM watch.

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