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Underwater photographer and RGM.

Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: March 1, 2011

RGM and Nick Caloyianis
We at RGM recently ran into an old friend of ours who is putting his RGM Ref. 300 Professional Diver to the test. The watch of Nick Caloyianis–award winning underwater photographer and cinematographer—isn’t subjected to run-of-the-mill conditions. His work (and probably his play) demands a robust timepiece, not only to withstand extreme situations, but because he also relies upon it for his safety.
Nick made sure to let us know “I am very pleased with the reliability and performance” of the
RGM 300 dive watch. He went on to attest, as many divers will agree, that because safe underwater expeditions are limited to a finite time period, “the accuracy and reliability of a timepiece is a crucial component to safe diving.” And Nick speaks from the standpoint of experience. Even with the availability of high-tech diving computers and electronic timing devices, Nick has come to rely upon the RGM 300 and its self-winding reliability. He tells us “I now use your watch as a back up in the event of a dive computer failure.”

That is a welcome sentiment, but Nick doesn’t merely say such things to be polite. He went on to tell RGM that he found the Ref. 300 to be “robust enough to be utilized for diving in extreme environments.” For example, while repeatedly diving in the hostile north Atlantic, “where water temps dropped to 31 degrees F, I found your watch performed flawlessly even in 100-ft deep water… during all 52 dives. I noticed my dive computer and other gauges were fogged up underwater while the sapphire crystal on the RGM watch remained fog-free. I kept wondering how long each of the techno gauges I was using would last.”

Since then the RGM watch has been tested by Nick in other North Atlantic waters to 160 feet. Though our watch is rated to 2500 feet, to know that it also helped keep Nick safe in extreme conditions is welcome news. We’re glad to hear of his continued adventures with the RGM 300, including “drift diving off the Palm Beaches and filming Great Whites off Cape Cod.”
Thanks to Nick Caloyianis for letting us know that our watch has served him well, and for keeping us informed of his exploits.

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