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RGM and Richard Sachs Racing !

Written by: rgmdesigns | Published on: July 6, 2010

CycolcrossRGM Watch Company of Lancaster County Pennsylvania is proud of their association with the Richard Sachs/CYBC cyclocross team. Many people have asked about what attracted these two very different companies to form a partnership. The easy answer is that Roland Murphy has long been a fan of cycling, but a sneak peek at each company’s web site offers more insight. The headline “Why buy a frame from a one-man shop

But publicity aside, each company is notable for having focussed on creating some of the best bicycles or timepieces available. And their success in all endeavors is assured by both their dedication and their experience. Having witnessed each of their industries “move away from hand-made products,” Sachs and Murphy have carved their niche by providing hand-built products, often customized for the individual.

At RGM it is a source of pride that the company is small enough to offer exclusivity yet experienced and knowledgeable enough to offer a wide array of options to the discerning watch buyer. Richard Sachs’ more than thirty years of custom frame building, his respected position within the industry, and the independent nature of his business suggest a natural partnership between the two firms. In the recently-completed season of the Cyclocross series in which Richard Sachs/CYBC competed, the benefits of the partners’ synergy were clearly demonstrated. Team riders scored top honors at events in North Carolina, Virginia, & Massachusetts and earned many other top-five finishes among their strong showings.

RGM is proud to contribute to the success of the team and its riders.

As Roland was once heard to say, “You’re not likely to see the person next to you on an airplane wearing an RGM.” And you’re not likely to see the fellow riding next to you on a Richard Sachs bicycle frame…but you know that they who prefer these products, in addition to their makers, are able to appreciate fine detail and craftsmanship.

A special limited edition of the North Pointer GMT is also being offered to celebrate the partnership between RGM and Richard Sachs, the celebrated bicycle manufacturing and racing establishment with whom RGM has been associated for more than two years. Twenty RGM North Pointer GMT watches will be issued with a special case back design, fitted red straps, and a dial featuring the intertwined RS logo.

RGM is honored to have forged a partnership with Richard Sachs and his successful cyclocross team, but the relationship represents much more than that. There is a confluence of philosophy and of dedication. Though Richard Sachs said it, the following sentiment is appreciated also by Roland Murphy and the customers and aficionados of the work of each man, who know that he “…can still enjoy working some magic with my hands.” And seeing the fruit of their labors form integral parts of a winning effort such as the RGM/Richard Sachs/CYBC racing team must be enjoyable on a completely different level.

still using traditional hand-building methods?” found at RichardSachs.com could just as easily be worded to ask about buying a fine, hand-made timepiece from a small atelier in a country that is not often counted among the top watch producers. Clearly Richard Sachs and Roland Murphy are traditionalists who believe in providing customer service and building the right product for each individual. And each has become an American leader in an industry long dominated by European companies and afforded far more coverage by foreign press rather than domestic.

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