RGM in action!

Endurance in Watchmaking


Coach Harbaugh

Although RGM Watch Company is proud to carry the banner of American Watchmaking and to continue the heritage of horological accomplishment in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, our founder, Roland Murphy, was actually born just down Rte. 83 in Baltimore, Maryland. As a native of the Charm City, Roland was very happy recently to honor his hometown’s recent NFL championship by presenting a custom-built RGM 151 to Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh.

The watch, a titanium-cased automatic, was delivered by Roland to Coach Harbaugh at the Raven’s training facility on December 13, 2013. Custom features of this unique commemorative piece include a subtle Baltimore Ravens crest printed on the black dial, a Ravens logo etched onto the sapphire display back and, hand-engraved around the case back, the World Champions 2012, Coach John Harbaugh.

The RGM Model 151 series, is one of our most popular models has an American made case, it's most frequently cased in steel, but the choice of titanium—a very durable yet lightweight element—seemed appropriate in the context of professional sports. Despite the image of impressive size that most fans associate with professional football players, as a group these athletes represent a wide spectrum of specialized abilities and must be very agile and able to withstand intense physical activity. A specialized version of our most versatile watch seemed an appropriate gift.

This is not the first time RGM has chosen to honor Baltimore and its own rich history. The inaugural edition of our tall ships series featured the famous USS Constellation (RGM Ref. 170), today moored prominently in the Inner Harbor. RGM is very happy to offer our congratulations to Coach Harbaugh, the Ravens organization and the city of Baltimore!

Professional Grade

RGM Watch Company has long taken pride in ensuring that our roster of products includes professional grade timepeices intended for a variety of activities. We have produced pilot watches and sporty chronographs since the early days, but our commitment goes far beyond the superficial. For example, our Ref. 300 diver's automatic water resistant to 2500 feet, is antimagnetic, and is strictly constructed according to proprietary RGM designs. We're not alone in feeling confident in the abilities of our dive watch to withstand extreme situations-underwater cinematographer Nick Caloyianis relies upon one.

Richard Sachs

RGM is also entering our 5th year of involvement with the Richard Sachs cyclocross team. Last year we introduced a special model of the Ref. 254 North Pointer GMT for RS-a durable and very legible automatic with some unique features. Our watches are painstakingly hand-assembled and include many delicate parts which interact with fine tolerances, but the resulting timepiece is a significantly robust and efficient machine protected in the most secure and user-friendly cases we can envision. Whether you are engaged in extreme sports, a dangerous profession, or just enjoying rugged activities for pleasure, RGM is proud to provide a range of watches well suited to any environment.